Matt Moran

Wattbike - London Bike Show Review

Posted by Matt Moran on Jan 16, 2012

Back in the office today after an incredibly busy London Bike Show, apologies to anybody who missed out on having their pedal technique analysed due to the queues.  Your next chance is at the Triathlon Show 2012, from March 2-4.  It's clear to see that in the past few years that knowledge of how to train smarter is increasing amongst cyclists and triathletes and there is a real hunger to find the best equipment to train using power and heart rate.

Wattbike at London Bike Show

There were some really great pedal techniques on display over the four days and some which needed some work, we can't all be Bradley Wiggins or Chris Hoy though can we...If you came to the show and have your pedal technique printout and want to refresh your memory on what it all means then let our Sport Scientist, Eddie Fletcher, talk you through the important points of the Polar View. Lots of questions about customisation of the Wattbike, so don't forget that you can attach your own saddle and pedals to the Wattbike and of course the seat and bars can be adjusted so that you can get a really great bike fit.

So, you enjoyed visiting us at the Show, you've got your pedal technique printouts and you know where you need to improve.  What next?  You can buy or hire a Wattbike via our website or check out local faciltiies that offer the Wattbike experience.  Take a look at our free Training Guides which are an essential read for any cyclist, triathlete or those who just want to manage their weight.

Our Alex met up with tri-legend Steve Trew to give him the lowdown on the Polar View, and were there to film it.


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