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Will Carling on cycling, training and the RBS 6 Nations

Posted by Matt Moran on Feb 02, 2012

Last week I met up with Will Carling, the former England rugby union captain.  He captained the national side 72 times and led the team to victory in four 5 Nations Championships (as it was known before Italy were introduced), whilst also taking the 1991 group of players to the World Cup Final.

Since retiring Will has been cycling as a way to keep fit, taking part in various events including The London-Paris which he will once again be riding in 2012.  This is the kind of event where you don't just turn up and ride, there is training to be done and Will chooses to do much of his on his Wattbike.  He's aiming for one of the faster groups in this year's London-Paris and has been putting some serious training in!  It's great to hear in the interview that Will is a recent convert to using power and heart rate to train, and that he's finding that training on a Wattbike is so much more time-efficient than simply 'going out for a ride'.

You'll often find Will posting his Wattbike sessions on his twitter feed, when he's not winding ex-footballers up about their own cycling exploits (we've got an interview with Lee Dixon coming up soon here on the blog), so give him a follow.  Given that the RBS 6 Nations is about to begin we couldn't let Will go without asking him for some brief thoughts on how he thinks things will play out (see video below).

Thanks Will, see you on the road at #L2P2012...

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