Model B Performance Monitor

Model B Performance Monitor

The Model B Performance Monitor tracks and interprets over 40 individual parameters in real time to give you unparalleled insight into how you are exercising and how much you are improving.

Each pedal revolution is monitored, analysed and displayed using the on-board Performance Monitor. You can view all of the information relevant to your training, including your pedalling stroke technique and the percentage power delivered through each leg.

Watts, speed, cadence, heart rate, calories, left leg/right leg ratio, polar view, average watts, watts/kg, angle of peak force.... you've got it all, and with the in-built sessions and tests you can benchmark your performance from day one.

How to use the Wattbike Performance Monitor

This short video gives an overview of how to use the Wattbike Performance Monitor and covers all the great features you can expect from your Performance Monitor:



ANT + Connectivity

The Wattbike Performance Monitor is ANT+ certified. It receives data from ANT+ compatible heart rate sensors and transmits bike data to other ANT+ display devices or apps that receive bike power or combined speed & cadence data. To learn more about connecting to ANT+ devices, click here.