Wattbike at Divided We Fall 2011 hosted by Crossfit Velocity

Posted Nov 17, 2011 at 02:31 PM

We spent some time in the US this year where Wattbike debuted at the 2011 CrossFit Games, and now we're playing our part over in the UK.  We recently took some Wattbikes down to the Divided We Fall 2011 event at CrossFit Velocity in Swansea, one of the organizers, Nick, sent us this report:-


Wattbike Crossfit Games Divided We Fall


We had over 320 competitors comprising of 80 teams of 4 (3 men, 1 woman) from across the UK completed 4 CrossFit workouts on Saturday 29th October 2011.  At the end of this grueling day the top 40 teams made it through to the Sunday and were told that the 1st workout on the Sunday would take place at the Wales National Pool and would be a swimming based workout.

Following this there was a further cut to 20 teams, then another workout, another cut to10 teams, another workout and cut to 5 teams for the final.  The top three teams were:

1st: CrossFit Central London
2nd: CrossFit Clitheroe
3rd: Train, Manchester


Over 500 people attended the event making this the biggest CrossFit team event in the UK.  This has grown from just 23 competitors 2 years ago, up to 212 in 2010 tto a packed venue this year.  CrossFit in Wales was well represented with a team from CrossFit Velocity, CrossFit Cardiff, Dragon CrossFit Cardiff and Funct Fitness Bridgend all making the top 20 teams.  Thanks to Wattbike, it was great and provided something very different to the first workouts.

Thanks for the update Nick, we were happy to play our part in what turned out to be a fantastic weekend of competition.