Wattbike Training
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"The most precise, high quality, personalised training tool I have found. Whether it's performance on the road, the pitch or just life in general, the Wattbike is the magic ingredient. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Nic Gill - New Zealand Rugby Team Strength & Conditioning Coach

Wattbike Training Support

Welcome to the Wattbike training centre. Here you will find all the information you need to start improving your performance and get the most out of your Wattbike.

The Wattbike training methodology is based on using a combination of heart rate and power to achieve the most effective training session based on your personal fitness levels and training goals.

Get Started

Before you can start a Wattbike training plan, there are a few things you will need to know. We have recommended a few important pages to help you start your training.

  1. How to Use the Model B Performance Monitor

  2. Using Power to Enhance Performance

  3. Heart Rate and Power Training Zones

  4. Estimating Max Minute Power & Max Heart Rate

  5. Beginners Guide to Testing

  6. Beginners Guide to Pedalling Technique


The Wattbike Performance Monitor has in-built tests to help you establish your training zones and track your progress with ease. Find out how to carry out these key tests below.

  1. Submaximal Ramp Test

  2. 10 minute Progress Test

  3. 3 Minute Test

  4. 20 Minute Test

Optimise Your Training

Whilst training plans are great for helping you improve performance, there are a number of other aspects of training which can help you achieve your goals, take a look at the articles below for more information:

  1. Rest & Recovery

  2. Warm Up & Cool Down

  3. How to Get Back on Form After Setbacks

  4. Understanding FTP

  5. Power to weight ratio

Useful links

Below you will find links to useful pages that will help you to train with confidence and achieve your goals.

  1. Bike FIt

  2. Cadence and Resistance Tables

  3. Training Zone calculator

  4. Hydration Advice

  5. Nutrition Advice

Wattbike Hub - Connect The Wattbike To Train Your Way

The Wattbike Hub, our innovative app and digital analysis platform is Connect The Wattbike To Train Your Way. Complete one off workouts or complete training plans through the app, then analyse your performance in minute detail from the cloud based Hub. 1. Download Wattbike Hub for Apple or Android 2. Watch our quick start guide 3. Visit the Wattbike Hub.

  1. Download the Wattbike Hub app for Apple or Android
  2. Watch our quick start guide
  3. Visit the Wattbike Hub