Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

Don't wait until winter is over, now is the time to unleash your potential

Many cyclists wait until winter is over to start training for their summer goals. With Wattbike you don't need to wait. Just think about what you could achieve if you started training for your 2016 goals now.

Want to knock 40 minutes off your personal best or increase you power by 100 Watts? It's all possible with Wattbike.

But don't just take our word for it, read our customer and ambassador case studies below to find out what others have achieved with Wattbike.

Lucy Gossage increased her speed to set the second fastest 100 mile time trial

Lucy Gossage Since training on the Wattbike Lucy Gossage has set the the second fastest 100 mile time trial on record, as set at the BDCA 100 mile tt on 5th September 2015.

Lucy, an Ironman UK winner, completes regular sessions on her Wattbike and is convinced these sessions have played a huge role in her improvement on the bike. She also credits the Wattbike in helping her achieve the fastest bike splits on her way to winning Ironman UK and Ironman 70.3 UK.

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Mark Fenn Increased His Power By 100 Watts in just 3 hours per week

Mark FennSince starting his training on a Wattbike in 2012, Mark has increased his average power by over 100 watts. He’s experienced a 20% gain in average power for the same session between April 2014 and September 2015. All on just 3 core Wattbike sessions per week - that’s what we call time efficient training.

During his time training on a Wattbike, Mark has produced some impressive results, including a 10 mile Time Trial in 23 minutes, with 340 watt average power and a 100 mile TT in 4 hours 19 minutes with 280 watt average power.

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Ryan Scott Knocked 40 minutes off his sportive time in 1 year

Ryan ScottAfter following the Wattbike triathlon plan over winter Ryan was quickly suprised by how easy he was finding some sessions. However, once the weather improved and Ryan was able to get out on the road, the performance improvement was visible instantly.

Having entered the Wiggle New Forest sportive, he decided that would be the ultimate way to test his improvement. The sportive followed the same route in virtually identical weather and Ryan rode the same bike as the previous year, however he managed to knock 40 minutes off his net finish time.

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Michael Barnett increased his average power by over 15%

Michael BarnettMichael Barnett, the blogger behind Smoker2triathlete, first recorded a Maximim Minute Power (MMP) of 356W on his Wattbike.

Keen to improve his performance, Michael sought the expertise of coach Jonathan Frary who created two simple strength and power sessions for Michael to complete each week. After nine months of training, completing these two essential sessions and some 45 minute sessions at Zone 3, Michael improved his MMP by 15.7%.

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