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Wattbike Atom: Groundbreaking turbo trainer alternative

More effective than a Turbo Trainer

Enjoy effective, focussed training all year round with the world’s smartest indoor trainer, the Wattbike Atom.

Bring the outdoors, indoors with Wattbike Atom’s Real Ride Feel technology, designed to perfectly replicate the feeling of riding out on the road that just can't be recreated on a turbo trainer. Monitor your power output while tracking your improvements with Wattbike’s unique industry measurement, Pedalling Effectiveness Score, and accompanying Polar View to make those crucial marginal gains in real-time.

With minimal set-up required compared to a bike turbo trainer, Wattbike Atom is always ready to go, so you can spend more time doing the important part, cycling. Its compact footprint means it’ll fit seamlessly into your apartment, home or home gym set-up, and fixed frame makes those big watt efforts a breeze through every training session

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Set up 5x faster than a bike turbo trainer

Wattbike Atom’s fixed set-up means it’s always ready to go. Workout on your own schedule, even when you’re short of time. Five times faster to set-up than a turbo trainer, Wattbike Atom’s seat and handlebars can be set-up to perfectly replicate your road bike, and later easily adjusted for multiple users. As a static smart trainer designed for indoor cycling, Wattbike Atom means there’s no more need to drag a muddy road bike through your house in the murky depths of winter, no risk of wear and tear from a turbo whilst still allowing you to get ahead of the peloton thanks to year-round training.


Unlike many smart bicycle turbo trainers and exercise bikes, the Wattbike Atom comes with its own complementary and completely free training app. Your interactive turbo trainer allows you to train, track and transform your performance with the Wattbike Hub app.

Wattbike Hub acts as a personal cycling coach in your pocket, collecting 100s of data points and displaying your results in real-time on your device. With ±1% accuracy, you’re able to identify where improvements lie as you ride.

Wattbike Hub’s workout library caters for every goal. From HIIT sessions to endurance rides, speed sessions to cycling simulations, you can tailor your training to fit your own schedule. Try one of the built-in fitness tests, take on a Wattbike training plan and watch your metrics improve.

Wattbike Atom’s innovative climb mode allows you to tackle some of the worlds most challenging climbs from the relative comfort of your own home.

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An Interactive indoor training experience

Unlike many turbo trainers or spin bikes, Wattbike Atom’s unrivalled connectivity means you can take your training up a gear by seamlessly connecting to the world’s top cycling training apps like Zwift, the Sufferfest’s and Training Peaks. Test your mettle against the best, e-race against the world or plan your training sessions in the apps you love, all compatible with the Wattbike Atom. .

And, when you buy Wattbike Atom, you’ll receive free trial codes for all of these and more to try out on your interactive bike trainer.

Transform your training and shop Wattbike Atom now.