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Obsession and vision with Juliet Elliott

Juliet Elliott is an award-winning blogger and multi-discipline cyclist, writing about her life on two wheels at Bikes ‘N’ Stuff. Despite finding cycling relatively late in life, her dedication has brought race-winning strength and made her one of the most influential women in the sport. When she’s not riding her local roads and trails of South West England, Juliet races in the high-octane Red Hook Crit series around the world. We caught up with Juliet to find out why she’s one of the #Wattbikers.

What drives you to perform?

I'm super competitive with myself and I always want to do as well as I can, which is not always about the top step on the podium. Going fast whilst feeling strong, powerful and prepared is what I'm looking to achieve. I really enjoy the process too; training helps with my state of mind as well as the obvious physical benefits.

What is your proudest achievement, in or out of sport?

I'm proudest of starting bike racing pretty late in life after a youth spent paying zero attention to my health and fitness. Yes, I used to be a pro-snowboarder, but I didn't train properly or eat well. I just drank beer and went snowboarding a lot, so I never actually felt I was athletic. Being able to quit smoking, start training and finish well in races makes me feel good about myself. I hope that I can help other people realise that you don't have to have grown up riding bikes to give it a go.

When you have a setback, what makes you get back up?

I’m self-critical, so when I have a setback I can get quite down about it. However, action always makes me feel better than inaction. I know myself well enough to know that indulging in any desire to slow down or give up is going to make me feel worse rather than better. 

What goes through your mind during the toughest sessions?

Visualisation. During my toughest sessions I like to imagine I'm in a race, like the Red Hook Crit, and that I'm losing the wheel of the person I'm chasing. That motivates me to keep pushing. Another thing I picture is how annoyed I'll be if I do badly because I didn't put the effort in. I can bear not getting the result I want if I tried my hardest, but if I didn’t then that frustrates me...

How would you describe the Wattbike Atom to someone with no knowledge of it?

It's an incredible training tool that will help you get fitter, faster and stronger. But, as in all performance sports, you have to dedicate time to it.

What are three qualities that make you a Wattbiker?

Obsession. Obsession. Obsession.

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