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Wattbike Nucleus Announced

Wattbike have proudly announced the rebrand of one of its latest products. Launched last year as the Wattbike ‘Icon’, this bike has now been renamed the Wattbike Nucleus. 

Building upon the success of the Wattbike Pro/Trainer, the pioneer of performance cycling, the Wattbike Nucleus is the progression of that iconic design. With the latest innovations in technology, it delivers the most advanced feedback for a fully connected experience and introduces the all new Performance Touchscreen and other product enhancements whilst retaining the essence of what made the Pro/Trainer the go-to indoor bike for everyone striving to improve performance. 

Richard Baker, Wattbike CEO comments: 

 “When we launched two new products for the commercial market last year, we were made aware of a copyright issue with the ‘Icon’ in one country. We therefore made the decision to rename the product to ensure brand consistency internationally and to treat this as a positive opportunity to bring the portfolio of Wattbikes closer as a collective by name. Within science; the nucleus is the positively charged central core of an atom, consisting of protons and neutrons and containing nearly all its mass. This description fits both the product and the brand perfectly and will further help to bring consistency to our product portfolio. Our company history is steeped in working with the best sport scientists, so it seems fitting to continue to look to science as we grow our product range.”

Since the start of the year, Wattbike has already sold over 1200 of the Wattbike Nucleus across the UK and internationally, complimenting the Wattbike AtomX also launched at the turn of the year. 

“These new products offer the market the complete indoor cycling solution.” Baker continues. “We have indoor bikes that cover both home and commercial fitness sectors, and user groups from general health and fitness to elite sport. With this we offer our customers a virtuous cycle from their home, health club, hotel or work, providing a product offering suited to every particular function and area of the gym floor; a portfolio of bikes suited for every Wattbiker.” 

Find out more about the Wattbike Nucleus.