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An evolution of a game-changer. Ultimate realism. Unrivalled connectivity...
Industry-leading accuracy and analysis.
This is the next generation Wattbike Atom, the most realistic and effective smart trainer on Earth.
The best just got better.

Unrivalled Realism


We’ve introduced a custom designed electromagnet for quicker resistance change and crisp, precise movement through the gears. This Real Ride Feel technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road. Perfected over 10 years working alongside British Cycling, Olympic Cyclists and world-leading sports scientists, it’s the most authentic ride feel in the world.

Unrivalled Connectivity


Electromagnetic resistance system means Wattbike Atom reacts faster than ever to third party apps. So whether you’re racing friends on Zwift, punishing yourself on The Sufferfest or climbing Ventoux on Wattbike Hub, you’ll experience smoother gradient climbs and instant gear changes. From HIIT sessions to hill climbs, Wattbike Atom is the ultimate indoor training tool.

Unrivalled accuracy


Wattbike creates the most accurate and reliable indoor bikes in the world. Next generation Wattbike Atom is no different. Flywheel and crank angle sensors read your data 1,000 times per second for accuracy of +/- 1%. With more precise and accurate data than ever before, Wattbike Atom ensures your hard work inside translates seamlessly outside to the road.

Unrivalled improvement


Improving technique radically improves your pedal efficiency and power output. Our innovative analysis tools, Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score, visualise how you apply force through each stroke so you can optimise your technique. Even the most experienced cyclists can make minor adjustments that can have a major impact on overall speed, endurance and performance.

Unrivalled engineering


Where beauty meets beast. Next generation Wattbike Atom features modified casing for improved protection from dust and sweat. Constructed from tough yet lightweight aluminium, Wattbike Atom smart trainer is built to withstand the immense power of elite athletes — with independent gold standard reliability to prove it. But of course, you don’t need to be an Olympian or yellow jersey winner to use Wattbike Atom. That’s why Wattbike Atom smart trainer won ‘Best Home Fitness Tech’ at the 2018 and 2019 T3 Awards.

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