Wattbike Atom

Achieve your goals with the most realistic indoor cycling experience. Unrivalled accuracy, seamless connectivity and customisable gearing for an enhanced real-ride setup. Best for virtual training, structured workouts and climbs.

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Free delivery, dispatched in‏‏‎ ‎1 - 2 working days‎‎‎.

You will receive an SMS and email from our courier partner - Panther Logistics - to book your preferred delivery date.

30 day money-back guarantee

Try the Wattbike Atom at home for 30 days, risk-free and experience how our smart bike can transform your indoor training. If you're not 100% satisfied, we can even come and collect the bike for you. Terms apply. 

2 year guarantee

Our Wattbikes come with a two-year warranty, so you can ride with confidence.

Finance available

A range of finance options are available*, from per month, plus free access to the Wattbike Hub app.

30 day returns

We’re confident you'll love the Wattbike, but if you're not entirely happy, return within 30 days for a full product refund.

Guaranteed to get you fitter, faster.

You’ll love the Wattbike Atom smart bike for the same reason our athletes do - accelerated gains in performance, power and technique - all from the comfort of your home.

Wattbike Atom smart bike in a home setting

Smart technology for more efficient training

Our personalised training plans and workouts, coupled with instant performance feedback, will make you train smarter.

Engaging realism leads to longer rides

Explore real-world routes or Grand Tour climbs from your living room, with our immersive smart technology to keep you training for longer.

Train on a schedule that suits you

Get more time in the saddle with zero setup time, quiet riding and unlimited access to workouts. Just turn on, hop on and train.

"The Wattbike is incredibly effective for performance monitoring and testing as the data is readily available for immediate feedback"

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The Wattbike Atom.

Discover our ultimate, award-winning smart bike and invest in a life-time of fitness improvements - partnered with unrivalled data and immersive real-world simulations to take your training up a level.

Smart training

Smart automatic resistance

Ride in ergo mode and allow the smart bike to automatically change the resistance of each workout interval, leaving you free to focus on your pedalling technique.

Real bike feel

Smooth, gradient changes

The Atom automatically reacts to elevation changes in your virtual rides so you can recreate the outdoor roads, indoors.

Fast, instant gear shifters

Replicate the feeling of riding a bike with the choice of 22 gears. Built into the handlebars, the electronic shifters allow for seamless 3rd-party app control so you can connect to Zwift, Rouvy, and more.

Translate gains to reality

Structured indoor training

Explore personalised HIIT workouts, endurance rides, climbs and training plans based on your fitness level. Take a performance test to get your benchmark.

Pedal efficiency insight

The Atom automatically reacts to elevation changes in your virtual rides so you can recreate the outdoor roads, indoors.Get instant feedback on your left to right leg balance and pedal stroke efficiency to improve your riding technique.

Unrivalled accuracy

With Wattbike DNA at its core, you can rely on your smart bike for data. The Atom reads your data 1000 times per second and delivers ±1% accuracy with a power range of 0-2500w.

Rock solid stability

When it comes to pushing your power targets, look no further than Wattbike, it's more sturdy and stable than any other indoor bike.

Make your indoor rides hassle-free with a permanent set up so you can save your outdoor bike for those road adventures.

Award-winning craftsmanship

Expertly crafted and designed in the UK, Wattbikes are tough enough to withstand elite athletes in testing, while beautiful enough to sit in the homes of everyday athletes too.

if design award 2018
Wattbike Atom smart bike being put through it's paces

"It's a great piece of kit - easy to connect to my HRM and to the various apps which I've been trialing. The automatic resistance works flawlessly."
- Lynn, Wattbiker.

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Unrivalled connectivity.

Take your fitness up a level with a totally immersive, somewhat addictive, indoor cycling experience. Ride or race friends in real-world routes, with instant connectivity to your favourite training apps.

The Wattbike Atom smart bike being used with Zwift on a TV

Virtual routes

Connect your Wattbike and ride with a global community of like-minded cyclists. Take on real race profiles, challenges, or structured training plans, in an immersive training environment.

A perfect partner for:
The Wattbike Atom is compatible with Zwift The Wattbike Atom is compatible with Rouvy The Wattbike Atom is compatible with Fulgaz The Wattbike Atom is compatible with Training peaks

Exclusive app trials

You’ll get free trials to approved third party apps with your purchase, so you can find the app that works best for you.

Get a free Zwift trial with the Wattbike Atom smart bike Get a free Rouvy trial with the Wattbike Atom smart bike Get a free Fulgaz trial with the Wattbike Atom smart bike Get a free Training Peaks trial with the Wattbike Atom smart bike Get a free Trainer Road trial with the Wattbike Atom smart bike Get a free Strava trial with the Wattbike Atom smart bike

Connect via Bluetooth

With a bluetooth-enabled smart device, the Wattbike Atom connects effortlessly to third-party training apps.

Connect via Ant+

Plug an ANT+ dongle into your PC or Mac to connect your Wattbike to third-party apps and wirelessly transfer data.

"The Wattbike Atom is a Peloton rival made in Zwift heaven."

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The Wattbike Hub.

The perfect coach for your pocket. Our training ecosystem is packed with workouts, plans, tests and challenges written by world-class sport scientists, coaches and athletes. Start powering your performance with the free training app.

Instant data feedback

Measure and track your progress with data that’s important to you - w/kg, FTP, calories burned, max HR. Plus unique analysis of your pedalling technique.

Key features

Enjoy over 100 workouts, grand tour climbs, plans, tests and challenges to achieve your fitness goals, all for free.

Structured training plans

Build your fitness and keep your motivation high with professionally developed training plans for all levels - beginner, intermediate and expert. Whatever your goal, we have a plan for you.

Grand Tour climbs

Tick off iconic, bucket list climbs from famous Grand Tours and claim those King or Queen of the Mountain crowns!

Works with iOS and Android

Compatible with iOS and Android devices. For full compatibility and minimum device requirements, learn more.

A preview of the Wattbike hub smart bike app

"Simply the best piece of training kit, coupled with the free Wattbike Hub, great value. Why you would turn to premium subscription apps when the Hub provides workouts, quick ride or simulated climbs is beyond me. Has improved my cycling no end."
- Paul, Wattbiker.

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Easy to ride, by design.

Everything about the Wattbike Atom is designed to accelerate your performance improvements. From the way it's set up, to the space it takes up, to partnering with the Wattbike Hub - it’s all carefully considered for you to get maximum use and results.

The Wattbike Atom being used with the Wattbike Hub Smart bike app

Simple installation

The Wattbike Atom arrives mostly assembled, all you need to do is attach the pedals and tri bars, adjust the seat and handlebars, plug it in and get riding. It’s really that simple.

Minimal set up required

Four quick and easy setup adjustments. Or, match your road bike positioning to the millimetre with our expert bike fit calculator.

Small footprint

With a 124cm x 50cm footprint, it’s perfect for the home and smaller than a turbo trainer setup.

Easy to move

The Atom has two hidden wheels perfectly positioned to make moving it easy.

Adjust for multiple users

The Atom is the ideal cycling trainer for households with multiple users with just four quick and easy set-up adjustments for each user.

Train quietly, day or night

Commit to your training without waking up the neighbours. Using precision electromagnetic resistance, the Atom stays quiet, so you can train at any time.

"I do a lot of indoor cycling - the Wattbike is just perfect. Stable, solid and easily adjustable for family. I have tried a cycle smart trainer but the Wattbike is just more stable when you really want to go full gas. Great piece of kit."
- Steve, Wattbiker.

Wattbike trustpilot review

Real people, getting real results.

Do you have what it takes?

Discover our award-winning smart bike, Wattbike Atom, and invest in a life-time of fitness improvements - partnered with unrivalled data and immersive real-world simulations to take your training up a level.

The Wattbike 30-day Guarantee

Order a Wattbike Atom and let it put you through your paces for 30 days. If you do not notice an increase in fitness gains - or if you’re dissatisfied for any other reason - return it to us for a prompt, full refund, no questions asked.

2-year warranty

Your Wattbike comes with a 2-year warranty - so in the unlikely event you experience any issues, our servicing team is on hand to help. Terms apply.

Interest free finance

We’ve partnered with V12 Retail Finance to offer a wide range simple financing options - making it easier to bring fitness home with Wattbike. Credit is provided subject to status.

Lifetime support

Our expert support team are on hand to help you train, from technical support to training guidance, we're with you every step of the way. Call us on 0115 945 5450 or visit our support portal.

Wattbike Atom smart bike being using in a home gym

Smart bike information.

Key features

Accurate data With the Atom you can rely on your smart bike data. Atom delivers ±1% accuracy with an increased power range of 0-2500w.
Quiet training Commit to your training without waking up the neighbours. Using precision magnetic resistance, Atom stays quiet, so you can train on your smart bike at any time.
Performance insight Access training plans. Test your performance. Analyse your data. Using the Wattbike Hub as you ride, you will structure your training and meet your goals.
Instant gear changes Electromagnetic resistance system means Wattbike Atom reacts faster than ever to third party apps for an authentic racing experience. So whether you’re racing friends on Zwift or climbing Ventoux on Wattbike Hub, you’ll experience smoother gradient climbs and instant gear changes. From HIIT sessions to hill climbs, Wattbike Atom is the ultimate indoor smart bike training tool.
Real ride feel Integrated gear shifters combine with our unique real ride feel technology to offer the ultimate in-ride experience.


Model: Atom (Next Generation)
Height: Max. 150cm (fully extended tablet holder)
Frame width: 50cm
Frame length: 100cm
Footprint: 124 x 50cm
Bike weight: 45kg
Boxed weight: 50kg
Frame: Aluminium
Feet: Rubber height adjustable
Transportation rollers: Yes
Integrated gear shifters: Yes
Gears: 1 - 22
Cranks: 170mm
Seat: Racing seat fitted as standard
Pedals (UK): Flat pedals with toe cage fitted as standard
Covers: Heavy-duty ABS plastic construction
Chain: Industrial 1⁄2" x 1⁄8" steel
Belt: T15 Timing belt
Seat and handlebar stems: Aluminium
Handlebar height adjustability: Range 52cm - 76cm
Handlebar FORE/AFT adjustability: Range 0 - 7.5cm
Seat height adjustability: Range 49cm - 75cm
Seat FORE/AFT adjustability: Range 0 - 8.8cm
Accuracy: +/-1%
Power range: 0 - 2500w
Resistance: Electromagnetic
Third-party connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth, FTMS
Third-party app smart functionality control: Any ANT+FEC Bluetooth FTMS enabled app inc Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, FulGaz, RGT
Gradient: 0 - 25%
Q Factor: 160mm
Max. rider weight: 135kg
Rider height: 5′–6′ 5″
External power required: Yes

What's included

1x Set 2, 4, 5 & 6MM Allen keys
1x 15MM Spanner
1x Mains power adapter
1x Adjustable device holder
1x Set Tri-Bars
1x Set Tri-Pads
1x Set Flat pedals with toe cage (fitted as standard)
1x Race or comfort saddle
1x Welcome pack with quick start guide


App compatibility We support any apps that are ANT+ (inc FE-C) or BLE (inc FTMS) compatible.
Compatible devices For a full list of compatible devices, click here.
Metrics measured We measure over 37 metrics about your riding and display them in the Wattbike Hub. We work with third party apps to deliver power, speed and cadence.
Offline use Wi-Fi is required for initial login/signup. After that, you can ride wherever you want. You don't need to have Wi-Fi or mobile data, we'll simply sync your data the next time your app is open and you have Wi-Fi.