Revolutionise Your Cycling

Perfect your pedalling

From gaining power and speed to conserving energy, elite coaches understand the impact pedalling efficiency has on cycling performance. But determining accurate pedal stroke effectiveness has only been possible in the research lab – until now.

The pioneering new Pedalling Effectiveness Score is a natural progression of our innovative Polar View feature, helping you easily assess the impact of changes in pedalling technique in real-time.

Make efficiency second nature

After measuring your net force and predicting your gross force, the Wattbike Hub shows your Pedal Effectiveness Score alongside a sliding scale for each leg. The colour-coded breakdown acts as a guide, with the aim of staying within green for the most effective use of power.

Watch, adjust and tweak your pedal technique ‘live’ until efficient cycling becomes second nature.

"Effective pedalling technique utilises your muscles in the correct way, helping you to go faster, ride up hills easier, and ride for longer.
Dr Barney Wainwright

The science behind Pedalling

The Pedalling Effectiveness Score is inspired by the Index of Force Effectiveness (IFE) which compares the gross force applied to the pedals with the net force – the proportion of force that actually goes towards creating torque and turning the chainrings.

The Pedal Effectiveness Score is calculated from high quality 100Hz force data in real-time. It maps changes in pedalling efficiency to provide a highly informative measure that helps drive performance.

The result: you see a visual representation of how adjustments in your pedalling can change your cycling efficiency in real-time.

Results include people who have changed their Functional Threshold Power by 10/20/30 watts, or riders who can now go up a series of hills that they weren’t able to before, because now they have a more effective stroke.
Dr Barney Wainwright

Understanding efficient pedalling

In-depth research led us to identify an optimal Pedalling Effectiveness Score of 70-80. So, how do you achieve this score and what is the optimal pedalling technique?

To answer this question, we need to break down the pedal stroke into four key phases, with a different focus placed on each one. When executed well, each phase merges into the next, creating a powerful and efficient pedalling style:

  • Phase one

    From the top of the pedal stroke the pedal is pushed forwards.
  • Phase two

    Shortly after this, a powerful downwards push starts through the middle part of the pedal stroke.
  • Phase three

    As the pedal approaches the bottom of the pedal stroke, the pedal is pulled backwards.
  • Phase four

    During the return part of the stroke there is a light upwards pull

Get started

The new Pedalling Efficiency Score is available on all Wattbike models via the Wattbike Hub, from 8th August 2017, download it now via the links below: