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Peter Keen tells the story of the Wattbike - Extended Interview

Many of you involved in sport will recognise the name of Peter Keen as Director of Performance at UK Sport, the body which ensures that investment in sport in the UK is targeted at the right areas to deliver winners at the highest level; essentially we're talking about creating and supporting World and Olympic champions.

He is also credited as the person behind the turnaround in success for British Cycling, where in 1997 he set up the High Performance Programme which laid the foundations of success for the likes of Chris Boardman in 2000 through to Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton in more recent times.  Imitation is the best form of flattery and many other sports, both in the UK and overseas, have tried to copy the system set up by Peter, with varying degrees of success.

Peter was very much involved in the development of the Wattbike from 2000 onwards when we approached him at British Cycling with the idea to produce the perfect indoor cycle trainer.  Following many years of back and forth, we finally produced what is now the Wattbike, to be used not only by elite athletes for training and testing, but also for use at home and in the gym environment.

During the interview Peter talks about his role at UK Sport, the development of the Wattbike and how he uses a Wattbike at home to train whilst balancing an extremely busy lifestyle.  His enjoyment of the Wattbike comes from the feel ot riding a road bike and the ability for you to grow with the Wattbike as training device.

We've uploaded the entire interview, as it gives a real and unique sense into what went into the development of the Wattbike -  we're very grateful to Peter for spending time with us to give us his insight into the Wattbike.