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Starter Pack Bundle

Everything you need to get started with your training, saving over 20% compared to purchasing products individually. The Starter Pack Bundle includes the Muc-Off Care Pack, Floor Mat and Wattbike Purist Water Bottle.

Bundle contents

  • Floor Mat

    These high quality mats are a great companion for your Wattbike.

    Features & Specs

    • Anti-slip PVC gives grip and reduces noise
    • Provides general protection from marks
    • Measures 6mm x 90cm x 150cm
  • Wattbike Purist Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated with this Wattbike branded water bottle. Purist technology prevents bad taste, mold and staining. 

    Features & specs

    • 22 oz capacity
    • Purist technology protects the inside of the bottle from bad taste, mold or staining
    • Keeps your water tasting pure
    • MoFlo cap gives the highest water flow rate possible

  • Muc-Off Care Pack

    Everything you need to keep your indoor bike clean, protected and well maintained. The care pack contains; bike protect spray, dry lube, anti-bacterial sanitiser, luxury chamois cream and 2× microfibre cloths. 

    Features & specs

    • Anti-bacterial sanitiser is perfect for post-ride maintenance. Use with the microfibre cloths to keep your Wattbike in top condition
    • Bike protect spray is perfect post cleaning to help to disperse any remaining moisture 
    • Dry lube helps to maintain the chain on your Wattbike, keeping everything running smoothly
    • Luxury chamois cream has been specially formulated to keep cyclists comfortable and performing at their peak
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