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Indoor Bike Trainers

Get fitter faster

Maximise your training by cycling indoors. Whether preparing for a race, or needing a quick workout to get your blood pumping, you can improve your fitness with indoor bike trainers. Smart bikes such as the Wattbike Atom offer the convenience of an at-home workout, with unrivalled accuracy and seamless app connectivity. Whilst the Wattbike Pro/Trainer provides you with full control over resistance, perfect for power sessions or injury recovery.

Each time you complete a workout, you’ll get closer to reaching your goals. Indoor bike trainers have a hassle-free, permanent set up, saving your road bike for outdoor cycling adventures. With flexible training, you can improve your cycling in winter without leaving the house!

Indoor bike trainers connect your cycling to your targets with unparalleled insights. The Atom harnesses your Pedal Effectiveness Score and Polar View with live left and right leg balance during your pedal revolutions. Getting you closer to your objectives and refining your pedal stroke. As well as Functional Threshold Power to support your performance improvements. Whilst the Pro/Trainer features a Bluetooth compatible monitor which relays instant data and pedalling technique feedback. That way, you can focus on your riding and know how to advance with each ride. 

Discover the opportunities of compatible cycling apps with Bluetooth and ANT+ dongle connectivity. Make the most of indoor bike trainers through training plans, data collection, and virtual cycling routes to explore. Combined with the Wattbike Hub cycling app, you can see the power of each session, and gain insight into the way you ride. Indoor bike trainers give you the experience of having a personal coach at home!

Thanks to the tailored set-up indoor bike trainers offer, you have the control over your saddle and handlebars. Ideal for an active household with more than one user. Select your preferred saddles or pedals, and adjust the handles so each rider can feel at ease while approaching their goals. Indoor bike trainers replicate the feeling of riding your outdoor bike, indoors, with real ride feel technology built into the mechanical drive. Protect your floor with a floor mat, while keeping cool with the aid of an indoor cycling fan. Indoor bike trainers get you pedalling in no time, and with quiet training you can ​​commit to your workout without waking up the neighbours.