Lizzie Armitstead

World Road Race Champion
Wattbike Ambassador

Find out why Lizzie Chose Wattbike

Wattbike: The Ultimate Indoor Bike

With the Wattbike, we set out to create what others thought was impossible: an indoor bike for cyclists. An indoor bike which replicates the feel of the road whilst providing cycling-specific performance data. An indoor bike which makes structured training easy and helps every rider achieve their goals.

Working with some of the finest global cycling experts, we’ve achieved the extraordinary. Wattbike now offers a total training solution combining the most advanced indoor bike with cutting edge digital technology and world class training support. Our aim is to help you improve your performance and achieve more than just marginal gains. Find out how the Wattbike can help you improve your performance and unleash your potential today.

Improve Your Performance With Absolute Precision

When it comes to performance measurement there is no margin for error. At Wattbike we understand the importance of accurate, reliable data, that’s why each Wattbike has been designed to the highest specification and engineered to deliver accuracy within 2% across the full range of Watts.

Accurate data ensures you can design and execute precise, intelligent workouts and training plans. Having data you can rely on makes all the difference when monitoring and analysing performance to make real improvements and achieve your goals.

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Increase Your Speed With Perfect Pedalling

Perfect pedalling can offer many benefits including improved power output, enhanced recovery and increased endurance. With Wattbike you can make the invisible, visible, using Polar View. Our unique pedalling technique analysis tool displays in a live, easy to read graph showing exactly how you apply power during the pedal stroke.

This empowering data allows you to implement new techniques in a safe environment which deliver a more efficient pedalling style, ultimately making your riding more effective.

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Your Ultimate Training Partner

With Wattbike, your purchase marks the start of your journey with us, not the end. To ensure each and every Wattbike owner can improve their performance and optimise their training time, we offer a complete package of training tools and advice.

As a Wattbike owner or user, you can use the free smartphone app and online digital platform to save, share and analyse your performance data, wherever you are. What’s more, you’ll also have access to a range of training plans, developed by world class athletes, coaches and sport scientists including Olympic Champion Joanna Rowsell to ensure you achieve your goals with Wattbike.

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Bringing the Road Indoors

Developed with elite coaches and professional cyclists, Real Ride Feel technology offers the smoothest, most comfortable ride, which feels almost identical to riding out on the road.

Combine the fully adjustable Wattbike set-up with the advanced Real Ride Feel technology and you’ll find the changeover between outdoor and indoor sessions seamless. This effortless transition also means your muscle memory and technique improvements are easily transferred out onto the road, resulting in performance improvements.

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Chosen by Champions

Developed over eight years in consultation with Peter Keen - former coach to Olympic Champion Chris Boardman and Performance Director of British Cycling - and launched after the 2008 Olympic Games, the Wattbike has truly become an icon within elite sport.

Today the Wattbike is chosen by the world’s top cycling federations including the UCI World Cycling Centre, Australia, the United States and France in addition to professional teams and elite athletes in all cycling and triathlon disciplines.

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Revolutionising Indoor Cycling in the Fitness Industry

Wattbike is the number 1 choice for gyms, health clubs and cycling studios. It is perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, recovery rides, testing and everything in between. Whilst in a group setting Wattbike Power Cycling enables every rider to follow the same session in their own training zones, ensuring every revolution in every session is at the right intensity.

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