Wattbike Hub 101: A Guide To The Wattbike Hub For Beginners

The Wattbike combines the ultimate training tool with an innovative digital platform to help you achieve your goals. But when you’re new to the Wattbike, there is a lot to learn, so we’re here to help you understand the Wattbike Hub and how you can use it to improve your performance.

What is the Wattbike Hub?

The Wattbike Hub is an app and website, which you can download for free and use to measure and optimise your Wattbike training on your smart bike.

How to Use the Wattbike Hub

Step 1- Take a test or complete your MMP/ FTP details in settings. This helps the app to calculate your training zones and means every workout you do is personalised.

Tip - The app will automatically connect to your Wattbike, if you’re in a gym with lots of bikes around, check you’ve connected to the correct one by clicking the number in the top right of the screen.

Step 2- Find a workout. Browse the library of workouts, they vary in length and difficulty so you’re sure to find one which suits. Once you’ve found one, simply click the play icon.

Step 3- Ride along to the workout. To start the workout, press play then try to match the heart rate, power and cadence targets at the top of the screen. Swipe left for different data views and to discover your Polar View shape.

Step 4- Analyse your data. Once your workout is complete, you’ll be given an overview of your session with all your key metrics including time, distance and power, plus your Polar View data.

Tip - For a more in depth look at your data, click ‘view on wattbike.com’. From this website, you can highlight and analyse specific parts of your session to find out more about your performance.

3 Ways to Improve Performance Using the Wattbike Hub

1. Use the Polar View data to measure and improve your pedalling technique

2. Follow a structured training plan to improve your performance ahead of a sportive or challenge ride

3. Use your power to weight ratio to improve your climbing

Find out more and download theWattbike Hub app.

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