The all-new GRVL Series

June 13, 2023 2 min read

Charlotte Backus has always been into sports. Racing from the age of 14, she won a full scholarship and went on to compete at WorldTour level in Belgium, one of cycling’s great heartlands.

Qualified as a coach, sports psychologist and nutritionist, Charlotte has turned her sights to cycling beyond the norm, racing gravel and endurance events around the world, and sharing what she’s learned in the process. With some of the world’s premier gravel events already under her belt – including Unbound Gravel – this plan is built on a mix of real-world insight, racing intuition and hard-won experience.

Whether you’re new to gravel riding or a seasoned racer, Charlotte’s training plan will give you the edge going into your next ride, swapping the grind for peace of mind.

You can find the all-new GRVL workout series on the Wattbike Hub > Workouts > Gravel category.

1: The Start
This workout prepares you nutritionally and physically for the demanding starts of gravel races, increasing your ability to handle high anaerobic demands right off the line.

2: The Mountain Top
Gravel races aren’t without their tough climbs. This workout is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their ability to sustain powerful efforts to the top.

3: Headwind Drive
In gravel racing you’re at the mercy of the elements, including the dreaded headwind. Here you’ll improve your ability to overcome challenging headwinds.

4: Flat Land Conquer
Sometimes you’ll need to crank out solo miles. If you can be fast and efficient on the flats, you’ll position yourself well for making the next move.

5: Out in the Boonies
Train you to maintain mental strength and make repeated hard efforts when you’re suffering, and learn to maximise the recovery time by riding as efficiently as possible.

6: Pit Stop
Endurance is crucial for longer gravel events. This workout focuses on increasing your ability to endure, but it also employs the PES indicator and Polar View to improve your pedalling effectiveness, helping you to ride further, faster.

7: Pace Line Group
This workout simulates working in a group. Keep on top of the increasing efforts as you move to the front to take your turn before working to rejoin the pace line where you can enjoy some respite in the draft.

8: Into The Finish
Finally the finish! Fatigue set in long ago, but your next challenge is ramping up to the finish line sprint to secure your spot on the podium. This workout is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their ability to put in a powerful finish while fatigued.

Partner your training with the Wattbike Atom smart bike and begin transforming your fitness.

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