Brand new Wattbike Hub workouts available now

July 16, 2019 2 min read

Your training goals are important to us, so we’ve been busy working on some brand new workouts - now available on the Wattbike Hub.

Developed by sports scientist and Team Dimension Data coach, David Nicholls, you’ll find all-new HIIT sessions, speed sessions, cycling simulations and endurance rides, so whatever you’re working towards, we’ve got the tools to help you get there.

But that’s not all. Due to popular demand we'll also have some exclusive Wattbiker workouts written by some of the world’s top athletes to follow.

Read on to find out how each new workout category could help you.


HIIT sessions are perfect for improving athletic capacity and cardiovascular fitness, and can be performed in short amounts of time. The nature of HIIT sessions encourages fat burning and can increase your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours after exercise.


Our speed sessions are designed to improve your recovery ability and increase your capacity to repeat high power efforts. They’re great for those looking to improve their general fitness or all-round cycling ability - especially when it comes to attacks and breakaways.


Endurance sessions are designed to improve aerobic endurance and efficiency- exercising slow twitch muscle fibres to develop their resistance to fatigue and enabling your body to supply resources to your working muscles in the most efficient way possible. Use these sessions to help prepare for sportives and long distance events.


Our cycling simulations are designed to help you prepare for some of the most common scenarios you’ll face in a race. Learn how to chase back to the peloton if you get left behind, build on your breakaway, take on a time trial and implement some active recovery on a rest day.

Wattbike Hub is free to use across android and apple devices. To get started with the Wattbike Hub, visit download on theApp storeorGoogle Play Store.

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