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Presenting Sponsor of the 2023 Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix

March 14, 2023 3 min read

Britain's most prestigious race, meets British cycling's secret weapon

We're delighted to be Presenting Sponsor of the Lincoln Grand Prix, alongside Title Sponsor, Rapha.

The 2023 edition of the Lincoln Grand Prix on Saturday 14th May will be the 68th running of the event and we are excited to be providing significant support as Presenting Sponsor which will hopefully give a huge boost to what is the longest established National Series event in the UK.

Rapha are also extending their support as the Title Sponsor for 2023.

The first Wattbike was developed alongside British Cycling ahead of their record medal haul at the 2008 Olympics. What was once a niche elite training tool is now commonplace in gyms and homes across the globe, allowing athletes to achieve their goals through smart structured training, fitness testing and technique tracking. Wattbike will be supporting elite and amateur riders as they train towards the main event.

Gary Coltman, Lincoln GP Organiser:“We are absolutely delighted that Wattbike have partnered with the Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix. Their passion for the sport and it’s history is incredible. We are excited about the opportunities to work together to take the race – and particularly the infamous Michaelgate climb to a wider audience. With the heritage of the men’s race and now the well-established women’s race, the event is followed by many thousands of fans not only across the UK but throughout the world. The concept of providing opportunities for those fans to ‘get a little closer’ to the race and in particular Michaelgate, through activations with Wattbike is incredibly exciting and provides so many opportunities for the future.

We are of course delighted and extremely thankful for Rapha’s ongoing support. Their passion for the event is amazing and as anyone who has been there to cheer the riders up Michaelgate will know, the Rapha team fully embrace and support the days racing. Their support is so much than simply putting their name to the event – and that is important because to us, the Rapha Lincoln GP is way more than just an event!”

Rich Baker, CEO of Wattbike said:“The Lincoln GP has been a cornerstone of the UK racing scene for many years and we're delighted to support the race in its 68th year. When training for a sportive or elite race it's essential to replicate the specific demands of the event through a combination of structured indoor and outdoor training. We're thrilled to support riders in achieving this through both our hardware product and digital software as they ramp up their training towards the big day.”

Dan Blumire, Rapha’s Co-Director, said:“Racing is in Rapha’s lifeblood, and the Lincoln GP is closely entwined with our early history of sponsoring pro teams Rapha Condor and Team Sky. The national prestige of this race and the spectator friendly nature of the course makes the Lincoln GP the British equivalent of a Cobbled Classic, and we are proud to commit to another year of title sponsorship to enable the race to continue.

True to the lessons in the Rapha Roadmap, we are continuing to challenge ourselves to find creative ways of making the sponsorship model financially sustainable. This year we will open a pop up Archive Sale in Lincoln from Friday to Sunday, with profits funding this years sponsorship. We can’t wait to return and hear the cowbells ringing all the way up Michaelgate on May 14.”

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