Getting Connected with your Heart Rate Monitor

Enhance your Wattbike training experience by using a heart rate monitor to get the most insightful workout data.

How to Connect A Heart Rate Monitor to Wattbike

To connect yourheart rate monitor to the free Wattbike Hub training app for use on your smart bike, watch our useful tutorial below:

4 Steps to Connect Heart Rate Monitor to The Wattbike Hub

You can connect in four simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Wattbike Hub account and tap Quick Ride on the menu bar
  2. Make sure you’re wearing your heart rate monitor before you connect
  3. Then in the top right corner in the Quick Ride screen, tap the heart icon
  4. Select your heart rate monitor and return to the Quick Ride screen. The heart will go from red to green once connected.
Find out about the importance of heart rate training.

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