Wattbike Atom: now with 11 gear mode

Introducing our new 11 Gear Firmware v1.02.01

With the rise of esports on platforms such as Zwift, we have seen requests from Wattbikers to offer a smaller, more punchy set of gears. This is to help make gear changes more responsive, require fewer clicks and therefore take less time to traverse through the range, ultimately allowing more rapid changes of pace.

With this latest Wattbike firmware release we've done just that, by introducing an optional set of 11 gears.

We've positioned this new set in a mid to high range when compared to our 22- gear option, based on feedback from beta testers wanting something aggressive for competition.

As this gearing is mid to high range it’s not suitable for all circumstances, so we haven't made it mandatory. Instead, you can switch between 11 and the default 22-gear options at any time to suit you, in Advanced Settings of the Wattbike Hub.

How to select your gear preference

  1. Update your firmware as normal by downloading the latest version of the Wattbike Hub app (v3.6.1) and then connect to your Atom in Just Ride mode
  2. Go to Known Wattbikes and select your smart bike
  3. Click Advanced Settings and scroll down
  4. Click Set 11 Gears or Set 22 Gears as needed to switch between the options

Note: This feature changes settings on the bike's firmware, rather than the app. Once set to 11 gears the bike will need to be set back to 22 by the next rider if a 22-gear setup is preferred.

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