10 Wattbike Atom Reviews from Industry Experts

Read reviews for the Wattbike Atom, our innovative smart bike, with unparalleled data accuracy and cycling app connectivity. We’ve collated the impressions from the industry’s best, from Cycling News to Bike Radar. Find out what they had to say about our unrivalled next generation smart bike. 

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Reviews of the Wattbike Atom

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are the Wattbike Atom reviews we’ve collated, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to an indoor smart bike

Cycling News

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“As a training tool, I see plenty of merit in owning a Wattbike Atom. The standalone nature of the system makes for a very easy get-on-and-go smart bike. I definitely prefer not to have to set up a bike prior to every ride, and the Atom is factory calibrated meaning you don't even have to worry about that.”

“By improving the responsiveness, it's now back in line with the ride quality of today's best turbo trainers and competitor smart bikes and makes for more accurate and productive training sessions.” - Cycling News’ review of the Wattbike Atom. 

Cycling Weekly

“As we’ve said above, you keep what Wattbike is known for: great power accuracy and the Polar View, which’ll show you how well you’re pedalling via two independently working measurements from both sides of the cranks.” - Cycling Weekly’s Wattbike Atom review.


“When talking attraction, the most appealing part of the Atom is its price. At £1,499, this is a highly competitive price for indoor training with power and smart connectivity.” - Cyclist

Bike Radar

“The new Atom certainly looks the part with its sculpted styling and lighter weight, it's much more home use friendly.” - Bike Radar’s review.

DC Rainmaker

“Like it or not, widespread app integration is critical these days to the indoor trainer market. And without it, your product is dead to me (and most others too). And Wattbike nailed that. They’ve adopted every standard known to mankind, and even included translation for older ones like Polar’s legacy HR straps. That’s cool.” - DC Rainmaker reviews the Wattbike Atom. 


"After a couple of weeks of social media teasing, Wattbike have today revealed the Atom, their new product – and if it delivers as well as it looks, it will be another impressive piece of kit." - Tri247’s Wattbike Atom review. 


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"It offers brilliant connectivity, linking to apps like Zwift in seconds and, in my experience, providing a solid connection throughout your rides. Plus, Wattbike’s clever pedalling analysis helps you to refine your technique.”

"The Wattbike Atom was recently updated, with the latest version getting a new electromagnetic resistance system that reacts faster to gear changes, as well as gradient changes in apps like Zwift – the latter a crucial function that smart bikes need to get right." - Coach

Fit & Well

“The Wattbike boasts exceptional build quality and an array of smart features. Chief amongst these is seamless connectivity to virtual training apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad, which automatically control the resistance as you race through real life cycling trials. Another clever tool is the Pedal Effectiveness Score, which tells you how well your pedalling is balanced between your left and right legs.”

“Obviously, for many people this is way over the top, but those looking to really push themselves to the limits will love the Wattbike Atom. It's a very serious bit of kit.” - Fit & Well reviewed the Wattbike Atom. 

GQ Magazine

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“The Wattbike Atom is made for stress-free connected training and that’s exactly what you get. It worked seamlessly with apps and other devices I paired it up with. The improvements to inject a more realistic ride clearly paid off here too. If you’ve got space in the pain cave for it and already own a display to show off the software, the next-generation Wattbike Atom is well worth the money to smarten up those indoor rides.” - GQ Magazine’s review.

The Independent

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“Arguably the bikes are aimed at slightly different audiences – one is more concerned with motivational spin-style classes and entertaining encouragement, while the other is better suited to keen cyclists looking for something that will mimic the feel of being on a road bike.”

“If you're a serious cyclist looking to improve your performance and track improvements, it's got to be the Wattbike Atom; its ability to mimic road racing and the analytics on offer are faultless.” - The Independent.

Time to Try the Wattbike Atom Smart Bike 

The next generation Wattbike Atom smart bike is an evolution of the award-winning smart bike. Introducing an electromagnetic resistance motor for a smoother and more realistic ride, the best indoor smart bike trainer just got better. 

With Wattbike DNA at its core, the Atom improves your performance in real time with precision data and analysis like no smart indoor bike ever has before. Connect to the free Wattbike Hub app to unlock a world of dedicated training sessions and real-road routes to improve every single session. 

Next generation Wattbike Atom reads your data 1,000 times per second for an accuracy level of +/- 1%. This is the next generation Wattbike Atom. The best just got better. Indoor bike finance is available, with a £0 deposit. 

Improve Performance with Wattbike

At Wattbike, we’re committed to bringing the best of our cycling data to your indoor workouts. Follow training programmes and performance tests, make every session count for gains both indoors and on the road.

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