Zwift Racing League on an Indoor Smart Bike

January 10, 2024 3 min read

The Zwift Racing League opens up competitive virtual racing to compete against other riders from all over the globe. 

You’ll be able to try your hand at the world of sportives from your own home, and boost your fitness with fun competition. The Zwift Racing League organises races using the Zwift cycling app platform to provide annual seasons designed to test you from home. 

We’re taking a look into the world of virtual racing, and why you should choose Wattbike to help you compete.

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What is the Zwift Racing League?

The Zwift racing league is a virtual racing event hosted on the Zwift cycling app and platform. It’s managed and run by WTRL. WTRL racing stands for World Tactical Racing Leagues, and creates virtual sporting and e-sports events. In 2020, they became an exclusive partner to Zwift to run the Zwift Racing League. 

The Zwift virtual racing events cater to elite and amateur cycling teams, both regionally and globally depending on each event. 

How to Join the Zwift Racing League

In order to compete in WTRL racing and the Zwift racing league, you’ll need:

  1. An indoor bike trainer which is compatible with the Zwift cycling app, such as the Wattbike Atom - the world’s smartest indoor bike
  2. A Zwift account - you can try a 7-day free trial or subscribe monthly.
  3. To have completed a Functional Threshold Power test so you have your FTP. 
  4. Find the ‘Events’ page and filter by race and category to find the Zwift racing league event you want to participate in.
  5. Ensure you check the rules of each race in order to qualify and when each event takes place over the season. 
  6. You’ll need to be part of a team to race, but can often find teams looking to recruit through the WTRL or through social media groups

Be sure to check the WTRL regular for the latest Zwift Racing League round dates and details. 

Getting Assigned a Zwift Racing League Category

There are different categories or divisions in the Zwift racing league, which means riders can compete against fellow enthusiasts of similar ability. These categories are sorted by the watts per kilogram (w/kg) gained from your FTP test. 

The categories are divided into groups A - D, with separate groups for men and women. The more experienced and fitter riders will be in group A, with ability descending down to group D.

Compete in Virtual Races with Wattbike

You’ll need advanced indoor cycling equipment to host the Zwift Racing League and provide power data direct to the Zwift platform. The Wattbike Atom smart bike is the ideal indoor cycling choice for beginners or athletes alike and is an official certified partner.   

You can connect your smart bike to the Zwift app using a Bluetooth compatible device or connecting via an ANT+ dongle. Not only are you able to see the WTRL virtual racing, but you can also make the most out of the training on offer in the cycling app. 

In fact, there are already Wattbikers competing in Zwift events showcasing their teamwork and cycling performance. 

Combine Wattbike Hub & Zwift to Improve Your Training

Firstly, you can connect a Zwift compatible indoor bike trainer to your PC, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV so you can train with your preferred device. 

Once you’ve paired your at home trainer, such as the Atom smart bike, you are ready to complete solo workouts and race in virtual events. Their immersive indoor training experience and interactive motivational technology can help you produce real-world results. 

For best results, you can combine the Wattbike Hub alongside Zwift. We have created unparalleled insight to your riding with our free Wattbike Hub app where you can:

  • Review your race data to turn insights into actionable training. 
  • Harness training session data to better focus areas for improvement. 
  • In the Hub, you can access a host of additional insights, including a full analysis on your pedalling technique. 
  • In addition to Hub data, precise race performance with graphs of your session data in Zwift can help you pinpoint where to focus your training next. 

Why Wattbike Should Be Your New Training Partner

The Wattbike Atom is one of the best compatible trainers for an array of cycling apps. With Wattbike DNA at the core to help you unlock and maximise your performance for the real road, indoors. Designed by experts and trusted by the best athletes from around the world. Also available on finance.

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