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Fitter for winter in 5 steps

October 18, 2023 2 min read

Training is tough, there’s no two ways about it. But getting started shouldn’t be – here’s 5 steps to making the most of your indoor riding this winter, and partner your training with the Wattbike Atom.


1.Identify and set a goal

Riding more will get you fitter for sure, but if you want to see real results, be specific about an area that you really want to work on and focus on it. Think back to the year you just had – what was your hardest day? Where did you find yourself lacking? Together we can take that weakness and start to make it a strength.


2.With your goal set, take a relevant test and set a benchmark.

We have a few available on the free Wattbike Hub app – and if your goal is super specific, you can even make your own – and put a line in the sand. Having a starting point is going to help us measure progress. 


3.Select 3-5 workouts in the Wattbike Hub that fit your goal, so that you’re not just doing the same thing over and over.

Give yourself a little variety, and don’t forget to pick an easier session that you’ll enjoy for recovery. Let’s say you want to improve your threshold power – you could pick the classic 2x20 or 2x15, but repeating the same workout will tire you out mentally as much as physically, and your commitment will understandably wane. Mix in some over/unders, for example, and the odd workout that hits a different energy system every so often just to keep things fresh.


4.Don’t overcommit.

The key to building a successful training habit is to make sure not only your goal but the path to that goal is accessible and achievable. If you don’t have the time to ride 3 days a week or you’ve never done it, reconsider your route. Even one quality session a week with a goal will see improvement. Try to avoid comparing yourself with others. You’re improving YOU.

5.Test your progress – but not too often.

The goal is to build volume over time, increasing your ability. The important thing here is not to do too much too soon. Consistency and patience are the keys to building a solid base of fitness. You will know pretty soon if you’re doing too much, or if you’ve set the bar too high.



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