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Haute Road Training Plans - Multi-Day

January 12, 2021 2 min read

Wattbike’s Haute Route training plans are designed for professional cyclists and bike training enthusiasts and will help you improve your stamina and test your cardiovascular endurance.

Training for Haute Road

The plans are also suitable for anyone training for a cycling event or wishing to achieve ambitious fitness goals.


This progressive Haute Route cycling training plan is designed specifically for the 3-day events and is based on up to date training methodology and experience of preparing riders for multi-day events. The training sessions follow a polarised training model whereby 80% of your training will be at an intensity less than yourFTP, and 20% above your FTP. This type of Haute Route training has been proven to be an effective and time efficient method of preparation for endurance events.

As thecycling training planprogresses, it gets more specific and starts to replicate the riding you will do on the actual cycling event. This programme requires eight hours of bike training in the first week, progressing to 15 hours in the tenth week, with increasing intensity as well.

Download the Haute Route 3 day plan


Following the same training methodology as the Haute Route 3 day plan, the 7 day plan aims to prepare riders for the increased intensity and endurance challenge of the 7 day Haute Route rides.

As the training plan progresses, the intensity increases and starts to replicate the cycling you’ll do on the Haute Route. The plan requires 10 hours of training in the first week, progressing to 20 hours in the tenth week, and we are confident that by the end of the training programme you will be able to conquer the world's most famous multi-day cycling event for amateur riders.

Download the Haute Route 7 day plan

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