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The Wattbike CRF Health Assessment is a submaximal ramp test that scores your fitness and helps you improve it with a structured 12-week training plan. 30,000 Health Assessments have already been completed - What are you waiting for? Assess your health and extend your life, together with Wattbike.

Why should you test fitness?

Testing is absolutely crucial for a health assessment, but also for the implementation of an exercise or training plan that helps address your individual health and fitness level. Initial fitness testing provides you with a starting point, and delivers basic information needed to devise an appropriate and successful training plan for you.

Progress testing during your training plan allows for an on-going assessment of your fitness, and enables you to make any changes to the plan if necessary. Finally, testing at the end of a training plan allows you to fully analyze the progress you’ve made, and also provides you with a contribution for future planning.

In addition to creating a successful training, scientific research on the benefits of exercise, and how our bodies react to it, suggests that it is now more crucial than ever to test and improve people's fitness levels. This is because it's becoming apparent that a person's individual fitness level plays a large role in how our immune system works; how our metabolic systems function; and also how well-prepared our bodies are to fight off viruses.

Measuring Fitness

So how do you measure someone’s actual physical health, and determine if they need more physical exercise to improve their quality of life, and ultimately extend their life-span? Scientific research on the benefits of exercise and how our bodies react to it have identified something called Cardiorespiratory Fitness, or CRF. 

In simple terms, CRF tells you how effective your body is at transporting oxygen to the places where it’s needed the most. CRF quantifies the functional capacity of an individual and is dependent on the current state of a linked chain of processes in your body; your respiratory, cardiovascular and skeletal muscle systems. CRF is therefore health related - where low CRF is associated with high risks of premature death from all causes, and a high CRF is associated with a reduction in premature death from all causes.

CRF is a measure of VO2max, which is the amount of millilitres of oxygen per kilogram per minute that it takes for your body to function. Your VO2 max score is therefore related to the functional capacity of your heart. Research shows that by improving your CRF score by 8 points, you will improve your active life expectancy by 1 year. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck. 

The Wattbike Health Assessment

The Wattbike Health Assessment was launched in 2017 via the Wattbike Hub app. The Health Assessment is a submaximal ramp test that quantifies each individual’s CRF and provides them with personalised data and training zones to enable them to improve their score; so anyone can improve their health and extend their active life, no matter your current level of fitness. 

The accuracy and dependability of our Health Assessment was picked up by health giant Bupa, and in late 2019, our official partnership was announced. Today, anyone can sign up to undertake the Health Assessment at numerous Bupa clinics around the UK to examine and analyse every part of their health, or you could undertake the Health Assessment at home to gain insight into your cardiorespiratory fitness.

So far, over 50,000 Health Assessment tests have been carried out, and tens of thousands of people have already completed one of Wattbike's recommended Health Plans. We aim to have carried out more than 100,000 tests by the end of the year to help individuals all around the globe improve their health and extend their life.

How to do it

To test your CRF, download the Wattbike Hub app, create/update your profile, and navigate to the Health Assessment via Tests > Health Assessment Submax Test. Proceed to make sure that your gender, weight, and fitness level are correct.

Before you start the test in the app, you will see the recommended start watts and ramp watts for your fitness level, so there is no need to change these.

The start watts/ramp watts is the amount of watts you will start at, and the amount of watts each ramp will increase with every minute. Start the test, and follow the on-screen instructions. Stop the test once you have reached a 7/10 on the Borg RPE scale of exertion.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions please speak to your GP before undertaking the test, and always make sure you have someone with you during the test to monitor your fatigue levels.

What to do Next

Once you have completed the test, you will be provided with:

  1. CRF Score by gender, age, and body mass – CRF from normative data chart for comparison

  2. Estimate of maximum heart rate/functional threshold heart rate, maximum minute power (MMP)/functional threshold power (FTP)

  3. Exercise and Training zones (heart rate and power)

  4. Benchmark 10’ Health Assessment at 65% of MMP/91% of FTP and 82% of MHR/99% FTHR following a period of training (12 weeks)

  5. A Health Plan that is appropriate for your fitness level

The training zones that you receive from the test are saved to your Wattbike Hub profile - so every workout and training plan you decide to undertake will be individually tailored to you and your different training zones.

You can now proceed with your recommended 12-week training plan, which can be found in Plans > Health Plans. At the end of the 12 weeks, it is recommended to undertake the 10 Minute Health Assessment.

Want to know more?

In the current climate, being unfit and unhealthy has highlighted the increased risks that obese, overweight, and unfit people are facing in terms of virus protection. Obese or overweight individuals are almost twice as likely to die from COVID-19 and other types of influenza

Studies also show that patients who have type 2 diabetes are ten times more at risk of dying from COVID-19, and individuals who are of normal weight but are metabolically unhealthy have a more than three-fold risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events compared to those of normal weight and metabolic health. So there is no such thing as a healthy weight, only a healthy person.

We cover the sometimes complicated relationship between exercise, the immune system, virus protection, and cardiorespiratory fitness in our latest article.

Are you ready to assess your health, and extend your life? Find out more on the Health Assessment, or get in touch with our customer services.