Introducing the best smart trainer for FulGaz

Ride real routes with the best indoor smart trainer for FulGaz

FulGaz, with its stunning 400+ routes in amazing 4K Video, truly captures the feeling of a smooth ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to the punishing Butler Creek Gravel Ride. Its uniquely processed and filtered GPS data brings every ride to life on The Wattbike Atom.

Enjoy the on-road experience with the Wattbike Atom’s Real Ride Feel technology. Feel the resistance, switch gears, feel your heart rate pumping, push your cadence sensor to the limit and climb those winding roads like no other smart bike on the market.

We've worked closely with FulGaz to give you the best ride experience possible. Your gear selection will appear on the FulGaz screen.

Easy to use
  • The Wattbike Atom instantly connects to FulGaz via Bluetooth or ANT+.
  • Gear shifters seamlessly mimic the route in real-time within your Fulgaz session for ultra-realism.
  • The Wattbike Atom’s built-in device holder supports all the most popular smart devices on the market, so you can enjoy FulGaz up to 4K resolution as you ride in hundreds of great locations with no distractions.
  • Enjoy your rides on your iPad, TV projector or PC monitor, and even on Apple TV!

Recommended settings: Wattbike Atom users are advised to change their FulGaz advanced trainer setting to Slope Scaling uphill 85% and Slope Scaling downhill 25% for the most realistic results.

Fulgaz + Wattbike Hub

If you love data as we do, then we recommend downloading our free Wattbike Hub app to track your performance and set your goals. Wattbike Hub is easy to run alongside FulGaz, capturing data simultaneously as you ride. Connect to Wattbike Hub via Bluetooth or with an ANT+ Key Dongle. For more information, check out our For more information, check out our Wattbike Hub 101: A Guide To The Wattbike Hub For Beginners.

With the Fulgaz compatible exercise bike - Wattbike Atom, you can review your races and training sessions data in the Wattbike Hub to gain a host of additional insights, including:

  • Polar View. Visualise your left and right leg balance using the Polar View.
  • PES (Pedalling Efficiency Score). PES assesses your pedalling technique in real-time.
  • Power/kg. 
  • Speed Cadence sensors. 
  • Avg speed sensors. 
  • Kcal burned. Perfect for those with a daily target to burn. Plus link the Wattbike Hub to your Apple health account to add them to your total

With all this available for your indoor cycling sessions, it’s no wonder the Wattbike Atom is considered one of the best Fulgaz trainers on the market.

A FulGaz supported trainer that connects to everything

Wattbike Atom is the smartest indoor bike on the planet. With Bluetooth, ANT+, and FE-C connectivity connect to the world's most popular virtual cycling and training apps with ease. To help get you started, included with every Wattbike Atom subscription to a range of training apps including FulGaz.

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