Five Effective Wattbike Sessions Backed by the Pros

If you’re looking to take your training up a level, why not try one of these training sessions? Written by Wattbikers at the top of their game, they’re no easy feat.



Lucy’s smart bike workout is designed to build leg, glute and core strength, and can be ridden either in TT position to become more comfortable and powerful on longer rides, or in standard seated postion to help build power for climbs. It’s an advanced workout, and you’ll need to add in a warm up or cool down for full benefit.


Mehdi Kordi works alongside the Huub Wattbike team, supporting with advice on training and sports science. This session starts with a low resistance effort, and is followed by four 30 second max effort sprints with one-minute recovery between each interval and 20 minutes between each set. The aim of the session is to deplete your anaerobic capacity as quickly as possible.

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This session is all about making you sprint faster. The maximum resistance sprints both in and out of the saddle will target your neural pathways, increasing the strength and coordination of your muscular contractions. The then low resistance sprint will hit your rate of force development (simply how fast you can develop force). I’d expect you to hit your peak powers here.

Finally the longer 20 second sprint in a moderate gear brings together the skills practiced in the 3 previous sprints and helps to add some length to your sprint (those last 5 seconds will hurt!) It’s important to keep the recovery between the sprints and also between the sets as low intensity as possible (30% FTP) so that you’re able to hit each sprint as ‘fresh’ as you can. We’re targeting your fast-twitch fibres and they don’t like it when you’re breathing hard!


Adam Daniel is Wattbike’s lead educator, former rugby player and a former conditioning coach for the English RFU. 

The rugby conditioning workout is designed for players wanting to improve match day fitness, but is an excellent cardiovascular workout across disciplines. 

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BMX champs, Merel and Laura Smulders use the Wattbike Pro to practice sprint sessions.

“BMX is a sprint sport. It’s really short, mostly around 35 seconds of going all out. A real power explosion,” Merel notes. “But we have to be able to perform them multiple times a day, with approximately 30-minute breaks in between. You want to be able to be 100% recovered for the next effort. So we want our power output as high as possible, but also want to be able to get that same peak power output 6 to 8 times with a 30min break.

Try their session below!

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