Joanna Rowsell-Shand on How To Improve Your Pedalling Technique

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As the summer season gets underway, many cyclists will be wondering how to improve their performance ahead of upcoming sportives and challenge rides. There is lots of advice out there on how to get faster, climb better and recover quicker, but one fundamental aspect of cycling which is often overlooked, is pedalling technique. 

This week, we’re going right back to this integral element of cycling and we’ve even got insights from top track cyclist Joanna Rowsell-Shand on how she improves her pedalling technique. 

Why is pedalling technique important?

Whilst riding the Wattbike, you can track your right and left leg balance using the Polar View. But what does this actually mean and how does it impact your cycling and more importantly, your performance?

Our sport scientist, Eddie Fletcher, has delved into the pedalling technique of many cyclists and he’s found that a pedalling technique which resembles a ‘sausage’ is the most effective (learn more about the different pedalling technique shapes here). With effective pedalling comes performance benefits like improved power output and ultimately more speed. 

Top tips for improving your pedalling

We asked Joanna Rowsell-Shand to share her insights on pedalling technique and give advice to those who are new to the concept. 


Now you know how to improve your pedalling technique, why not try one of our cycling effectiveness workouts to practise the perfect shape. 

Tip - If you can hold a good shape on a light gear during session 1, move up to session 2, but don’t move on until you’ve mastered the technique! 

Session 1: 1 minute focus on an effective pedalling technique, 2 minutes easy pedalling, repeat for 6-10 sets 

Session 2:  2 minutes focus on an effective pedalling technique, 2 minutes easy pedalling, repeat for 5-8 sets 

Session 3:  3 minutes focus on an effective pedalling technique, 2 minutes easy pedalling, repeat for 4-6 sets 

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