Try our cycling simulation workouts on the Wattbike Hub during the final weekend of La Vuelta

As the final weekend of La Vuelta approaches, there is still lots of competitive cycling for us to enjoy. Why not adapt your Wattbike training and trial some of our cycling simulation workouts on theWattbike Hubto see if you’ve got what it takes to be a professional!

With just three stages remaining in La Vuelta; Stage 16 today (Friday 6 November) is a hilly 162km route from Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo, which features a first category ascent of El Robledo. Saturday's arduous penultimate stage takes the riders up to La Covatilla ski resort in Salamanca - a huge summit finish which will decide the overall classification, before the final stage on Sunday which closes out with the Madrid sprint stage.

There’s still lots of climbing left in La Vuelta so why not take on the Mountain Stage on the Wattbike Hub and imagine it’s La Covatilla! The session is proven to enhance your aerobic efficiency by the constant load on your slow twitch muscle fibres, which inturn encourages desirable muscle adaptations and your ability to deal with fatigue. It’s a great workout to prepare you for those longer climbs.


The session starts with a 16-minute ramp that takes your power from 65% of FTP up to 100% of FTP. This is followed by two hard sprints. There are three climb simulations, all the same in duration and power. The climbs are 10 minutes long and completed at 115% of your FTP with a 1-minute kick at the end which hits 122% of FTP. The session concludes with a 5-minute cool-down at 65% FTP.

Not only will La Vuelta provide us with fun entertainment over the weekend but the Women’s three-day Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta also starts bringing the revised Women’s WorldTour to a close, and marks the final round of the top-tier series currently led by Lizzie Diegnan.

The race will begin today (Friday 6 November) with an 82.8km hilly road race from Toledo to Escalona. The second day of racing, on Saturday, is a 9.3km individual time trial around Boadilla del Monte, followed by the final stage on Sunday with a 17-lap circuit race, totalling 98.6km, in Madrid.

The Time Trial Stage on the Wattbike Hub is a great workout if you’re looking to improve your aerobic endurance by a combination of intervals and higher power recovery efforts.


The session starts with a 7-minute effort at 70% of your FTP. Following this, there are four 1-minute sprints, each one increasing in difficulty. The main portion of the workout is 25 minutes long with power changing between 99% and 127% of your FTP. The session finishes with a 5-minute block at 56% of your FTP.

Or maybe the Sprint Stage is better suited to you to try and get to the finish with power and energy still in the tank! This stage will put a heavy load on both slow and fast twitch muscle fibres encouraging desirable muscle adaptations and improving your ability to deal with fatigue, to produce high power after a sustained effort.

SPRINT STAGE | 36 : 40 MIN | 2- 6 ZONE

This session starts with a 10-minute block at 70% of your FTP. This is followed by three 30 second sprints that increase in intensity. The main portion of the workout simulates four sprint intervals over 16 minutes. The session ends with a relatively easy four minute 40-second block.

Why don’t you join in and train like a pro this weekend with some of our cycling simulation workouts on the Wattbike Hub?

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