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May 23, 2024 3 min read

Inspiring Young Cyclist Dexter Rosier on Training, Motivation, and Mental Health

Meet Dexter Rosier, a young cyclist whose determination and spirit are making waves both on and off the bike. Training on a Wattbike at his local leisure centre, Dexter is preparing for an incredible 230-mile ride to Paris, all in the name of supporting mental health awareness. We had the opportunity to sit down with Dexter to discuss his training regimen, his motivation, and his future goals. Read on to be inspired by his story and dedication. 



Places Leisure have been able to help Dexter in his training for the challenge which has been overseen by Fitness Manager Dave Covey and has been completed at Bulmershe Leisure Centre.

Training on the Wattbike

You’ve been training on the Wattbike at Bulmershe Leisure Centre. Can you talk us through your sessions?

“We’ve been upping the distance every time. We started at 10-15km and now we’re up to doing 25-30km per session. And we did our big one where we did 40km the other day.”

Dexter’s rigorous training schedule is a testament to his commitment. Starting with shorter distances and progressively increasing them has allowed him to build endurance and prepare for the long haul.

"Wattbike are one of our key suppliers and it’s great to see this partnership supporting such great causes." Places Leisure manager Tony Penge

Preparing for Paris

How is the Wattbike helping you train for the 230-mile ride to Paris?

“It’s really helping with my stamina and getting to grips with cycling for a long distance.”

The Wattbike is proving to be an invaluable tool for Dexter, aiding him in developing the stamina required for such an extensive journey.

Taking on a challenge of this magnitude is new for Dexter, but his enthusiasm and dedication are driving him forward. He comments

“This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done.”

What was your motivation?

“I just want to help other people. Sport helps me because I’m doing an activity and focusing. When I don’t feel the best, if I just go and play a football match or play tennis, it takes my mind off it and I feel so much better.”

Balancing Training and Life

How do you find time to balance all the training?
“I do what I do when I can. Sometimes I’ll come home from school and it could be the gym one day, football training another, or an after-school club. My coach Dave Covey has set me a schedule to build me up to the big ride.”

Working with local PT Dave Covey they have written a plan to build Dexter’s training up in the months leading up to the challenge. Balancing school, training, and extracurricular activities requires a structured schedule, and Dexter manages it all with determination.

Support System

Dexter also commented on his support network helping him achieve his ambition of completing this challenge.

“Mum has been so helpful, and she’s done too much. She didn’t need to do all she’s done.”

Dexter’s mum, Samantha, has been a pillar of support. She even stepped in as a training partner when needed, demonstrating the importance of a strong support system when taking on a ride as big as this.

Experience with Sport in Mind

What was it like working with Sport in Mind? Was that the first time in front of a camera?

“In 2021, I was on Good Morning Britain and This Morning. I sent a letter to Marcus Rashford after the Euros.”

Dear Marcus Rashford,
I hope you won’t be sad for too long. Because you are such a good person. Last year you inspired me to help people who are less fortunate. Then last night you inspired me again to always be brave. I’m proud of you, you’ll always be a hero.
From Dexter Rosier, aged nine.

Dexter’s involvement with media and his heartfelt letter to Marcus Rashford highlights his compassion and courage.

Future Plans

After your Paris ride, what’s next?

“I’m mainly focused on Paris, but I have ideas for next year. I want to conquer the three peaks in 24 hours.”

Even before completing his current challenge, Dexter is already setting sights on his next ambitious goal.

Finally, do you have any advice for young athletes like yourself?

“Set a target and don’t give up on it.”

Dexter’s advice is simple yet powerful, encouraging persistence and goal-setting for young athletes and we here at Wattbike salute you!

Support Dexter's Journey

Dexter's journey is a beacon of inspiration for many. To support his ride to Paris and his cause, visit Dexter's Fundraising Page.

For more on Dexter’s story and his contributions to mental health awareness, check out the feature article on Wokingham Today: Young Cyclist Dexter Contributes to Mental Health Film.

Stay tuned for more updates on his journey and future endeavours!

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