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Chloé Dygert reveals her new workout in the Wattbike Hub

This week we caught up with World Champion and Wattbike ambassador Chloé Dygert who tells us how her rehabilitation journey is going and she also reveals her new workout in the Wattbike Hub.

Chloé has recently begun her rehabilitation journey, after sustaining a laceration to her left leg during a nasty accident at the World Championships in Italy in September.

How is your recovery going? “It’s going well, it’s a slow process but we are getting through it. I’m so thankful for the constant support I have from the team and family behind me.

“At present, I am just getting my strength and range of motion back. In the upcoming weeks, I will be able to start putting out a little bit of power on the pedals. By January, I’m hoping that I will be outside training again. Looking to be at 80% by February.”

How will the Wattbike form part of your rehabilitation?

“I got on the Wattbike for the first time this week in 66 days! I will be riding on the smart trainer for short periods of time every day for the next few weeks, gradually building up time and power.

“Once I am able to start putting some power out, I will be doing some therapy related strength workouts on the bike to make sure I don’t overdo anything.”

“The Wattbike is such a specific training tool for me so having it for my recovery process makes such a big difference. Being able to document every workout and track my recovery gives me the peace of mind I need, to hit my performance targets and milestones."

What is it about the Wattbike that you like most?

“The simplicity yet all also the pain it brings. I love getting on my Wattbike!”

Chloé remains calm, positive and focused on recovering in time to compete in the time trial and team pursuit at the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer.

What keeps you motivated during your rehab? “Knowing that if I don’t [rehab properly], I will lose, and losing is my motivation. I turn everything into a competition.

To keep her competitive spirits going, Chloé has designed her own workout for the Wattbike Hub and it’s one that she focused on during her preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. She says: “it simulates a team pursuit effort. So if you are looking for a ‘head in the trash can’ kind of workout, then this is it!”

Wattbike Hub > WATTBIKE WORKOUTS > Team Pursuit x ChloÉ Dygert


This workout formed part of Chloé's preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics. In her own words; "If you are looking for a 'head in trash can' kind of workout, this is it. Prepare to feel a pain you've never felt before!"


The workout beings with a 10 minute ramp. You'll then ride for 5 minutes at tempo. Next up is a 3 minute 55 sec recovery, interspersed with 3 low power/high cadence efforts at 30, 15 and 10 seconds. The main effort consists of 3 rounds of 4 x 1 minute efforts of progressively increasing intensity. Each minute is broken down into a 20 second very high intensity effort followed by 40 seconds at only a slightly reduced intensity, with a 1 min 30 sec recovery between rounds. You'll then recover for 2 minutes before cooling down by riding 3 minutes of low tempo followed by 3 minutes recovery.  

Segment breakdown

Warm up;

Ramp - 10 min (peak - 80% of FTP)

Effort - 5 min at 90% FTP

Recovery - 1 min at 50% FTP

Effort 30 sec at 50% FTP (110 RPM)

Recovery - 30 sec at 50% FTP

Effort: 15 sec at 50% FTP (115 RPM)

Recover - 30 sec at 50% FTP

Effort - 10 sec at 50% FTP (120 RPM)

Recover - 1 min at 50% FTP

Main set (Repeat 3 rounds of):

Effort - 20 sec 15 130% FTP

Effort - 40 sec at 105% FTP

Effort - 20 sec at 140% FTP

Effort - 40 sec at 110% FTP

Effort - 20 sec at 150% FTP

Effort - 40 sec at 115% FTP

Effort - 20 sec at 160% FTP

Effort - 40 sec at 120% FTP

Recovery 2 min at 50% FTP

Cool down; 

Effort 3 min at 75% FTP

Cool down - 3 min at 50% FTP

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