Advice from the experts: how to motivate yourself to train indoors

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Motivating yourself to train indoors can be difficult during the warmer seasons, but making sure you strike a balance between time on the road and sessions on your indoor trainer can improve your training quality endlessly. We asked three of our Wattbikers why their indoor training regimes were crucial for performance, and how they stay motivated to train inside.


Your Pain Cave should be a year-round retreat. It’s the go-to for measurable consistency. Know where you are and how your season is progressing objectively.
Indoor training guarantees maximum gains for minimal effort.


Personally, the Wattbike helps me so much. As a novice on the bike, it helps me to be aware of what training zones I’m in and allows me to work on specific training programmes. You can isolate certain areas of your training that you just can’t match outdoors.

I always try and put on a good music playlist or listen to a good podcast to get me through the session. It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship, but I always feel so much better after doing a good Wattbike session.


As a husband, father of two and professional footballer, I rarely get time to get out on my bike during season time. I love getting up early so that I can ‘earn the day.' 30 minutes to an hour of ‘me’ time most mornings is enough to clear the head, keep my legs strong and set my day off perfectly.

With the Wattbike the numbers are right in front of your eyes. I know what I can do and I know what I want to do. I love pushing myself to get stronger, to get fitter and to be better.


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