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My saviour in all of this has been the Wattbike

Posted by Matt Moran on May 28, 2012

Jenny Meadows Wattbike Olympics

2012 is probably the most important year of your life if you're an elite athlete in the UK.  Participating in any Olympics must be an enormous privilege and achievement (I talk from zero experience!) but to have the opportunity to take part in a home Games and be up there with a shout for a medal is probably something that few of us can comprehend.

So, what happens when you get a serious injury in the most important year of your life? Well, you deal with it, just like elite 800m athlete Jenny Meadows has done.  You surround yourself with the best people and the best equipment, and in Jenny's case this has been the Wattbike.  What is most pleasing to hear is that Jenny is coming back stronger having used the Wattbike during her rehab, that really is music to our ears (and no doubt hers!)

Jenny dropped us this note to let us know how she is making her way back to fitness and competition:-

Unfortunately I suffered an Achilles injury that has prevented me from running for several months. No athlete likes to be injured, especially not in an Olympic year. Add into the equation it's a home Olympic Games and this all begins to sound like a nightmare! My saviour in all of this has been the Wattbike.

Already a valuable part of my training programme; however during 2012 it has become more valuable than ever! I've been able to replicate many aspects of my normal training programme through the use of the Wattbike. There have been many moments when it has been my best friend and many when it has been my worst enemy!

I've won some battles in my sessions whilst the Wattbike has won others! I definitely have lost a lot of sweat on there yet gained a lot of performance benefits.

What has staggered me is how fit I actually am now that I have returned to running after the injury has healed. I hoped that the Wattbike would allow me to maintain my fitness levels, but surprisingly it has actually enhanced them.  Every athlete's dream!

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