Lockdown 2.0. Here are some tips to getting a positive daily routine

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With the country entering a second lockdown, we wanted to bring you some motivation to support a healthy and positive daily routine during the cold, winter months. We also spoke to a few of our Wattbikers to see what they’re getting up to on their Wattbike during lockdown for some added inspiration.

  • Make your paincave your favourite place in the house and ensure it is as prepared for a Wattbike session as you are - read our blog on how to kit out your paincave here.
  • Set your training goals. Why not perform a Functional Threshold Power test at the beginning of lockdown and again at the end to track your improvements.

Christina, Wattbiker

“For me, routine is key. During lockdown 1.0, I quickly started to feel as though I was ‘living at work’ rather than ‘working from home’, however cycling indoors on my Wattbike (or outdoors when the British weather allowed) really helped to break up and give some much needed structure to my working from home day. The Wattbike Hub has some great workouts and I’d definitely recommend working your way through the Grand Tour Climbs if you’re up for some challenging sessions - try ticking off one per week!

“On Tuesday and Thursday nights, I race on Zwift with the awesome team at Giant Camden, who started a virtual cycling club when lockdown started in March. It’s hugely motivating, great fun, and I’ve made some great friends (and FTP gains!) as a result.”


  • Eating well is good for both your physical and mental health so preparing nutritious meals and snacks each day will also enhance your performance on the bike. The Eatwell Guide advises how much we should eat from the various food groups to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.
  • Take time to enjoy nature. If you can, go for a walk  round your local park or green space to get a breath of fresh air for 20-30 minutes each day.

Darren, Wattbiker

“I love my Wattbike Atom and the flexibility it brings to my training schedules. You can set the morning alarm and jump on the Wattbike for whatever workout or challenge you fancy, and it sets you up for the rest of the day. It also helps to work up a proper appetite before breakfast. I like a morning workout because no matter what else you do or don’t get time to do, you’ve already got a good workout in the bank for the day.And trust me, an hour on the Atom is more than enough time to get a decent workout in!

“If I’m doing a longer endurance session in the evenings, I sometimes like watching a football game. It’s great; you don’t have to miss anything you watch on TV as you can help the time fly by watching your favourite programmes or just having a Netflix binge!”


  • Try to make time before each workout to complete a short mobility session to improve your joint flexibility. According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it appears that dynamic stretching, or stretching while moving through a movement, is better than static stretching as part of a warmup. Healthline have suggested 5 joint mobility exercises to get you started - you can read them here.
  • We love hearing from our Wattbikers, so please share your workouts with us on social media by tagging us @wattbike. Or even write to us marketing@wattbike.com with your Wattbike Atom story.


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