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Become #Unrivalled from £83 per month

Get the ultimate indoor trainer on your terms. We’re now offering 0% finance on the #Unrivalled Wattbike Atom, starting from £83 per month (subject to status).Launched almost one year ago,…

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Preparing for the pitch with Wattbike

Football didn’t come home this summer, despite an incredible performance by the England team in Russia. When they weren’t making headlines on the pitch, Gareth Southgate’s boys were at…

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Overtraining: Three Signs You're Working Too Hard

It’s easy to think the only way to become fitter, stronger or more powerful is to beast yourself on the Wattbike - day in, day out. High intensity sessions are tough workouts designed to push your body beyond its comfort zone, and the rewards speak for themselves when you see the results of a 20-minute test or your latest time on a local climb.As you get fitter, chasing those gains becomes harder and it’s difficult to know how much…

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