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Climb the Tour to claim your crown

To celebrate the upcoming Tour de France , we're adding 11 climbs from this year’s route onto the Wattbike Hub app . And what do Wattbikers love more than sweating? Winning!  From Sunday 30th August

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Remote training. Redefined.

Earlier this year, we paid a visit to GB Taekwondo with the intention of finding out how they were using the Wattbike on their road to Tokyo. Fast forward a few months and things were looking a little

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Ask the experts: Should you train with a coach?

Knowledge, wisdom and motivation are all things we wish we had infinite access to, especially on those days when training is a little more difficult. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned cyclist, there are some instances where we could all do with a little help. Need to improve your overall cycling? Want to overcome your pre-race anxiety? Keen to recover from a dodgy knee? No matter what your Achilles heel is, there’s a coach

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